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Corinne Kaplan


25+ Years Experience


Law Professor

Big Eight Public Accounting

Tax Practicer 

National Keynote Speaker 

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Corinne Kaplan, Lawyer in Wisconsin

At Kaplan Law Firm, S.C., our mission is to provide exceptional legal services to valued clients, and to achieving results that count.


Kaplan Law Firm, S.C. operates under the foundations of integrity, trust, professionalism, compassion, and justice.  What differentiates our firm from others is our personal relationship with each client. With decades of experience, we zealously advocate for our clients and their goals, while working together helping them throughout the legal process. Kaplan Law Firm, S.C. desires to help their clients not just survive their challenges, but see them thrive toward new beginnings.


Family Matters!        Results That Count!


Legal Separation



Child Support  Maintenance/Alimony


Stepparent Adoption


Real Estate


Marital Estate 

Asset Protection

Alternative Dispute Resoultion