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Sheboygan Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorney

Generally, this method is less costly than litigation. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides a less adversarial process to divorce and is best suited for parties that wish to resolve the issue more quickly, discreetly and with more control. Our attorney at Kaplan Law Firm, S.C. can help you decide if ADR is right for your divorce.

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Disputes can arise in any area of our lives, in the workplace, in the neighborhood, in school, in business and in families. Some of those disputes escalate to the point at which one side or the other looks to the court system for resolution, by starting a lawsuit.

In recent years, professionals from a variety of backgrounds have collaborated to develop processes for resolving disputes outside of the court system. These processes are known collectively as “alternative dispute resolution,” or simply “ADR.” The most commonly used ADR processes are arbitration and mediation.

There are, however, other forms of ADR, including early neutral evaluation, moderated settlement conferences, focus groups, summary jury trials, mini-trials and direct negotiation. In the right situation, any of these ADR processes can be effective in resolving disputes, and they generally can do so faster and less expensively than if the dispute were processed in the court system.

Our attorney can help you select the ADR process that is best suited to your situation.

What Are The Benefits Of ADR?

The principal benefits of ADR are that it:

  • Saves time
  • Saves legal expenses
  • Provides the parties an opportunity for greater control over the dispute resolution process
  • Allows parties to resolve their conflict in a more creative way than might be possible if it were left to a decision by a judge or jury
  • Gives the parties greater privacy in resolving their dispute than is afforded in a public courtroom
  • Reduces the emotional toll a lawsuit can take on everyone concerned
  • Can permit valued relationships among the parties to be preserved

Selecting The Appropriate ADR

At Kaplan Law Firm, S.C., our attorney will examine your situation and be able to recommend the most suitable ADR process for you. ​In addition, some Wisconsin counties have nonprofit conflict resolution centers associated with the court system. You can also contact the courthouse in your county to determine if such a service is available in your area.

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